Branded Studio

A high-powered, flexible live studio space for all of your broadcasting needs. This is our premier multi-camera studio space. It is fully robotic and can be customized at the flip of a switch to suit your brand identity. This studio is most suitable for news, talk-shows, sports, politics or webcasts.

Down the Line Studio

A state-of-the-art guest studio that can be used either as a  green screen or a live backdrop of the White House. Simple to operate and a comfortable space for your guest or reporter to contribute to your show.

Outdoor Studio

Our stunning all weather outdoor studios with a view of the White House and the National Monument. We have two studios – both can be used multi-cam or single came. Heated in winter and cooled in summer – perfect for anchoring your live news or political shows.

Global TV Studios

Celebro studios are located in prime city center locations around the world. Our state-of-the-art studios are fully-automated spaces with robotic cameras and the latest LED lighting systems. With huge amount of production space and digital newsrooms — we are used by some of the world’s biggest broadcasters to make thousands of hours of content a week. From news to sport, commercials to chat shows — we have a studio that is right for you. Nobody can match the scale and experience of our live studio operations.

Reaching Audiences

We’ve helped develop brand ideas and formats for a range of clients, from big to small. In today’s digital market, you’ll want to reach audiences in new ways, from Facebook Live to B2B websites. We are experts in maximising your budget and imagination to create live video at the highest quality. Some of the brands we’ve worked with include eHarmony, Adidas, Yahoo Sport, M&S and Coca Cola. Celebro has also produces high quality broadcast content for international broadcasters including BBC, MTV and Discovery Channel.

Full Connectivity

Celebro is the most connected TV studio in Washington, D.C. 

We offer playout and ingest facilities for production companies and edit facilities who need tapeless delivery of content to BBC, Sky, ITV, Red Bee, Arqiva. We provide fully automated and crewed channel playout for TV channels from our 24/7 Master Control Room. Celebro also specializes in getting your content live onto social media – via Facebook Live, Instagram Live or other platforms.

Outside Broadcasting

Celebro’s fleet of outside broadcast vehicles can be deployed quickly to breaking and planned news events. We offer everything from a single camera to a multi-camera OB. We have unrivaled connectivity via BT Tower, Switch, Reuters, EBU and several IP options. We can offer live facilities in dozens of cities around the globe, with new locations coming on line every month. 

About Us

The staff at Celebro are all dedicated and professional broadcasters. Collectively we have years of technical, editorial and channel-development experience. We are also proud of our training and development program that helps to create broadcast engineers, directors and operators of the future.