High Quality, Affordable Cost, Beautiful Vision.

Studio Branding

Celebro Media is equipped with the latest technology, multi-camera studio space, and AI customization. Imagine your brand exemplified with our high-quality lighting, camera, and microphones. If you need to film a talk show, newsroom, sports, or political webcast, our team of professionals is ready to help. Get everything you need, at your fingertips in the Celebro Media studio. Let’s make your dreams come to life together.. LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION- are you ready?

Down the Line Studio

Reporters and experts alike are invited into our state-of-the-art guest studio. This inspiring suite with green screen innovation technology will take you away to quite literally- anywhere. Your visionaries can choose from live White House backdrops to the jungle, space, and unlimited places. Our technology is simple to operate, we are conveniently located in the Nations Capital, and delight in remaining a relaxed place for you to create.

Outdoor Studio

Head outdoors for a stunning view of the White House and the National Monument. This incredible studio is heated in the winter, and cools on a summer day. Rain or shine you can report your vision to the world, live with incredible views from the Capital. Our two studios are equipped with multi-cam or single-cam technology. Anchor your live news program or political repertoire as the sun rises or as the first snow falls in the heart of the Nation.

Global TV Studios

No matter where you go, count on Celebro Media studios to be close by. Our studios are located in the most happening and prime city locations across the world. Count on us for fully automated spaces, state-of-the-art studio places, and the latest AI technology. Our LED lighting systems, monumental production space, and digital newsrooms accommodate the biggest and best of productions around the globe. Every week at Celebro Media turns into thousands of hours of beautifully articulated productions. From news to sports, commercials and talk shows- our studios have got it going on. We invite you to come on in, we are your experienced studio- let’s begin.

Reaching Audiences

Celebro Media is with the times. We help you reach your audience through social media integration and B2B web-integrated connection. Our goal is to work with you to develop brand concepts and new-aged design so that your business, big or small, can reach new heights. Maximize your imagination, and increase your budget through high-quality live entertainment video. We have worked with eHarmony, Adidas, Yahoo Sport, M&S and Coca Cola to provide the hottest artistry and inspiration across the globe. Our international high-quality broadcasting journey has worked hand-in-hand with BBC, MTV, and Discovery Channel. We’ve got a blank slate, let’s create your wonderland.

Full Connectivity

Celebro is the most connected TV studio in Washington, D.C. 

Wanna go LIVE? Celebro Media has you covered. We will hit your audience on all social platforms. Our playout and ingest facilities are prepared to work with your production company or editing facility. We provide timeless delivery of smooth beautifully edited audio to BC, Sky, ITV, Red Bee, and Arqiva. Our fully automated and crewed channel playout is ready to be broadcasted to the world from our 24/7 master control room. That’s right, when you need us, we’ll be there. From last-minute updates to year-long projects, count on Cerebro Media for all your top quality visions to come to life! OH It’s Magic, you know.

Outside Broadcasting

Need a fleet deployment for breaking news? Our team is excited to arrive at the scene of the crime, or wild ride prepared. Celebro Media’s crew comes ready with single camera or multi-camera OB. We stay connected via BT towers, Switch, Reuters, EBU along with several other IP options to ensure quality showup-everytime, anytime. With live facilities in major cities across the globe, you can count Celebro media for world-class support advanced AI connection and artistic vision. 

About Us

The staff at Celebro are all dedicated and professional broadcasters. Collectively we have years of technical, editorial and channel-development experience. We are also proud of our training and development program that helps to create broadcast engineers, directors and operators of the future.