4 Tips and Tricks to Green Screen Innovation and Video Creation

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Best Ways To Ensure You Have A Successful Video Screening

Everything is going towards video, whether you are self-employed or a big business you want to express your ideas and innovations on the big screen. Think bigger about your business and expand your operations with video creation.

A great way to integrate video creation into your business is with a green screen. Green screens are limitless, they provide a variety of options that match your specific topic or idea and express them in a visually creative way.

Today we are going to explore tips and tricks behind producing a green screen video for your company so that you can be prepared and allow your ideas to run smooth. When your team arrives at the studio, they will know exactly what to do.

Tips and Tricks

The most important thing to remember before putting your ideas in front of a green screen is to come prepared. If your team has never shot a video before you will want to give them a heads up!


Examples are the best way to give your employees a heads-up. Creating a storyboard with image examples which demonstrate the way each person will appear on the background will create fewer surprises, meaning a relaxed speaker behind the screen.

You can evaluate the type of background which will be seen before the production begins.This way, no matter the scene, your team will be dressed to impress and ready for the screen.

 If you want it to look like everyone is in space, or perhaps in standing behind Big Ben in London, all the options are open and readily available, so get excited, and get creative!

Dressing for the Green Screen

Another important tip is dressing up for the green screen. Although it may seem obvious, a lot of people forget and show up to the production wearing green. If you wear green behind a green screen you will actually end up looking like a floating head with a body that blends into the background. Yikes!

Hire a Make-Up Artist

Hiring a makeup artist before the shoot can be extremely beneficial. Look for one that has worked with green screen video production in the past. This way they can worry about all the flyaway hairs, and facial scares while you focus on production.

Exemplify Your Brand

You can integrate the colors and scheme of your brand behind the screen, this creates heightened brand awareness. Heightening your brand awareness through video production is a great way to gather more leads, and get your name out there.

According to Statista.com by the year 2020, the number of people streaming video in America is forecasted to hit over 236 million a day. Go big or go home!

Go Big

Go big with Celebro Media Studios, they have green screen productions rooms ready to go. With high-quality cameras, profession AI integration, and advanced lighting systems your video is sure to be a hit. Stay up to date with the times, and get excited about your venture into the future of media.

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