4 Major Streaming Trends of 2019

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The Top 4 Livestream Trends in 2019

Every year new trends hit the video world. The question is, what’s happening in 2019? As it turns out, a lot.

This years video production crews are bringing new technology and capability to the forefront of the live stream world. As someone in the digital world, it’s important that you keep up with the trends.

1. Leaving Satellite Behind

We’ve seen this trend growing for a while, but the numbers have spiked significantly in 2019. Viewers are beginning to say “goodbye” to cable TV and instead opt for over-the-top streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

2019 is already seeing a spike in the number of sports games that are watched on live streaming services. In the past, cable TV was the only way viewers would watch football and sports games.

Today, however, people are relying on services such as Sling to bring their sports favorites to the living room.

Another aspect of livestream that is taking over OTT services is highlight reels. The internet has brought around livestreams of training camps and highlight videos that can be shown.

2. Mobile Streaming

Ten years ago, every home had a desktop computer. Now, people rely heavily on tablets and phones for their computer needs.

This switch has impacted the video world as well. In 2019, more viewers are using their phones and mobile devices to watch live streams. The result is that video is being optimized for mobile viewing.

Vertical and square video display formats are becoming increasingly popular. Traditional landscape views are being reduced as these are not compatible with mobile screens and force the viewer to rotate their device.

3. Social Media

Celebrities such as John Mayer are hopping on the social media live stream trend. TV programs are beginning to be aired on social media streaming platforms as opposed to traditional spaces.

With Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat all offering “Live” services, it’s becoming more and more popular for people to stream on social media.

Facebook and Instagram Streaming

Today’s marketers are taking to Facebook and Instagram as ways to market their products through live stream. By live streaming video content directly to people’s social media channels, they are able to target an audience that is already interested in the broadcast.

App Streaming

Social media apps are even being created to emulate traditional TV programs. Trivia games such as HQ are gaining popularity as live TV game shows that are aired on your phone.

After realizing the value of HQ, Facebook also jumped on this train. You can now play live trivia games from your Facebook app as well. These are also streamed with live video content directly to the player’s app.

4. Virtual Reality Programs

This one is interesting. With the increasing popularity of virtual and augmented reality, livestream is coming to the gaming world.

Developers are looking into ways that VR and AR can be integrated with livestream. The idea is that broadcasts can be aired directly to your device and make you feel as though you are standing there with the broadcaster.
Are you ready to try using some of these trends yourself? Call Celebro Media and book your studio today!

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