How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video, Every Time

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Did you know that 55% of people watch videos online every day?

No wonder that more people are learning the ins and out of video production to increase visibility for their brand, business, or story.

Lighting is one of the trickiest aspects when it comes to video. Keep reading to learn how to get perfect lighting for video.

How to Get the Perfect Lighting for Video

When you first pick up your camera to start filming lighting can be the trickiest part of the entire process. A camera lens perceives light differently than our eyes do. A camera needs more light to produce a quality image.

If you prepare and plan before you begin filming you will tackle lighting for video in no time. A fancy camera isn’t needed to create videos and have a great image for your small business or anything else you’re shooting a video for. Good lighting will produce a quality image for even an iPhone that can compete with high-end cameras.

Whether you’re looking to improve your social media videos, or youtube videos learning about lighting will make a world of a difference.

3 Point Lighting

This is the most common setup for lights. It’s made up of a key light, fill light and backlight. No matter what light source you use replicating this method will give you great and reliable results.

Key Light

This is the brightest of the three lights. It’s the light that gives the subject the most illumination. It’s placed in front of the subject at an angle.

Fill Light

The purpose of this light is to get rid of the shadows that the key light causes. This light should be less intense than the key light while eliminating shadows. This light is placed in front of the subject at the opposite angle of the key light.


This light creates depth and prevents the shot from looking flat. This helps to separate the subject from the background to not blend in. The light is placed on the opposite side of the key light to create a nice halo of light around the back of the subject’s head and shoulders.

Natural Light

The sun offers some of the best free light around. You can set up the camera close to the biggest window in the room to use it as your key light. The light coming from the window will create a soft light that wraps around the face and makes any shot look great.

To use more light from your window you can invest in a Reflector or a Bounce Card to use as your fill light. You will set this up on the opposite side of your key light AKA your window. The Bounce Card or Reflector will bounce all the sunlight that’s coming in through the window and brighten up the shadows. 

The only thing to look out for when using natural light from the window is any traffic noise coming from outside. You never know when an ambulance or a firetruck will drive by.

Light Kits

There are many light kits available online that you can purchase that come with the lighting you need to create a 3 point lighting setup. They come with softboxes, umbrellas and soft lights to produce the perfect light needed for your future video. 

Light kits are a great option if you’re not much of a do it yourself person and would prefer to buy something that you don’t have to think about or work on. 

Clamp Lights

You can buy clamp lights online or at your local hardware store. You can clamp them anywhere to create the 3 point lighting system mentioned above. You can clamp them on chairs, desks, tables, or anything flat.

Once you have 3 clamp lights with bulbs in them you can pick up little clamps and a roll of parchment paper. Cut three pieces of parchment paper to attach to the metal dome to cover the light bulb. Clip each piece of parchment paper to the front of each clamp light.

Ring Lights

A ring light is a bright light that’s placed in front of the subject to create a soft light across the whole face. It’s a great option when shooting video with a phone because the camera’s lens can be placed in the middle of it while shooting video.

Ring lights also help the subject’s eyes pop because they make create a circular reflection in their eyes. 


Something you want to keep an eye on when shooting video is glare. Those that wear glasses can be difficult subjects to light without glare. A trick that you can use is to raise your lights up higher until you don’t see a glare on the subject’s glasses. 

If raising the lights don’t work you can move your key and fill lights further away from the subject. Last but not least if your subject is comfortable with removing their glasses that’s the easy solution for glare. Before making them remove their glasses try your best to accommodate the lights to avoid making them change for lighting.

Conquer Lighting Like a Pro

After reading all of the above tips to help you with having perfect lighting every time you shoot video you can start practicing right away. Planning our your light before a shoot will help you produce the best picture you can produce with whatever camera you’re using.

Are you looking for a production space studio where you don’t have to worry about learning or setting up equipment? Check out our production studio space where you can have access to the latest technology and rest assured that you will create high-quality lighting for video every time.

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