The staff at Celebro are all dedicated and professional broadcasters. Collectively we have years of technical, editorial and channel-development experience. We are also proud of our training and development program that helps to create broadcast engineers, directors and operators of the future.




With 25 years of industry experience – Wesley has always had a passion for live TV. He has worked as a director, output editor, presenter, and systems integrator – with a deep technical understanding of what it takes to bring a channel together. Wesley ensures technical, operational and professional excellence across our company and runs our global operations.


Chief Operating Officer

Coming from the BBC News team, Sarah had a strong track record in change, project delivery, and running of large teams in multiple locations. Sarah is a highly experienced journalist, editor and senior leader with achievements such as the implementation of the BBC World Service project among others. Sarah is the President of the Worldwide Association of Woman Journalists and Writers. She’s responsible for Celebro’s staff and operations.


Managing Director

Alex is responsible for our global estate of 40,000 square feet (3,700 square metres), and suppliers. He handles finance and administration.  He’s been with Celebro since the company started.


Head of Visuals

With years of experience as a Lighting Cameramen, Hector has worked with global clients including AP, Discovery Channel, Bein Sports, RTL, RT, TV3NZ. Hector is a member of the Guild of Television Camera Professionals & The Society of Television Lighting Design. With a combination of technical expertise and creativity, he will make sure your project looks & feels the best it can.


Operations Manager

Val joined Celebro from the BBC World Service where he worked on TV projects in 15 languages. Today he manages day-to-day operations in our London studios and ensures clients needs are met in every way. Val will often be the first person you speak with when you book a Celebro studio. From technical to creative – Val will ensure our studios work for you!


Director, Digital Development

Pavel is in charge of developing our digital offering in the UK and abroad. He directs our participation in conferences, exhibitions and seminars and ensures Celebro is at the cutting edge of technical innovation.


Lead Director

Ryan looks after all our on-air news output across the studios in the UK and overseas. On a day-to-basis he directs our shows for major broadcast clients as well as running gallery teams during live transmissions. He’s been with Celebro since it started!


Front of House

Inka has been the Front of House/Office Manager in London since we started. With vast experience in high end customer service for Deutsche Bank, Selfridges and Harrods, Inka looks after client needs with five star service in mind. If Inka can’t make you smile – no-one can.


Production Assistant

Our army of robots all around the globe are under the strict control of Simon. They have not yet risen up to overthrow his tyrannous regime – but the time will come… Simon also heads up our very human team of Technical Operators.


Team Leader, Sound

Ugo is our brilliant French sound supervisor, joining Celebro in 2015. He knows everything about the sound magic happening in our facilities. He also is a very well known and respected artist, as well as a respectable chef.