The Power of Live Stream: What Makes It So Special

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The Power of Live Videos & Social Media

Social media has become an extremely resourceful tool for not just individuals but small and large companies alike.

Today, more companies and corporations are realizing just how much of a resource social media is, especially for marketing purposes. It’s becoming a popular medium source to spark brand awareness.

Social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and Instagram all feature live video features that individuals and brands can use to deliver content to their target audience.

Data for Videos

Before we even dive into the live aspect of videos, let’s just speak on videos in general.

According to, 45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. That’s a whole lot of opportunity that has just been presented.

Video usage is becoming a trend for companies, but it started as a trend for individuals. It just makes sense – videos are more engaging because there’s color involved which is more appealing than just text alone, things are in-motion making your website look more intriguing, and there’s audio and sounds that stimulate the mind as well.

Internet users are much more inclined to engage in your site if there are videos with content that’s useful and valuable to the end user. A higher engagement rate means a higher chance that your website will generate a lead, or better yet, a conversion.

Why Go Live?

You make be asking yourself what’s the difference between just recording a video vs. live videos.

Live videos are able to provide certain values to users that simply can’t be captured by pre-recorded videos that are posted.

“In-The-Moment” Value

This is a big appeal to end users who watch live videos.

People like and appreciate the face that live videos are happening literally as they watch the live video. It’s happening right then and there. It’s impossible to edit or fabricate content when you are recording live. As a result, your viewers see this as pure authenticity which they love.

When videos are pre-recorded, the company or individual posting the videos can edit and manipulate the video content to make it seem a certain way that the company wants. The viewer has no idea how the video has been edited which can cause a lack of trust or they may watch a video and take the information provided with a grain of salt.

User Engagement and Feedback

Many of the live social media channels like Facebook live and Instagram live implement comment sections commonly placed at the bottom of the screen in which users can comment with general things to say or questions they may have for whoever is hosting the live video.

Impromptu Q&A sessions via live video are also a great way to see what your audience thinks about your brand or company which gives you instant feedback that can be used to improve your company in the future.

When viewers are able to directly engage with your company through live videos, it gives your brand a much more personable touch. People will feel that your company is much more approachable and open to communication which can be the ultimate factor that turns a lead into a customer.

By opening yourself to live video engagement, you are telling your audience that you are transparent. When your users see that a host/hostess of a live video is open to questions, they don’t see them as individuals hiding behind a huge corporation but rather as a person who is trying to provide value to an audience through open conversation.

We’d love to hear about your brand and the message you want to deliver to your audience. If you want to empower your brand and reach new audiences via live social media, contact us to get your content up and running.

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