Stay Tuned: How to Cover the Presidential Elections

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Celebro Media’s Guide To A Successful Presidential Election Broadcast

People have always relied on third parties to help in their decision in presidential elections. In 1988, voters rarely “met candidates face to face but learned about them indirectly from television and newspapers.”

Things haven’t changed much today. This means that the way the political system is portrayed greatly relies on the way the media covers it- and the presidential elections are no exception.

Maximizing Viewer Count

The media has so much that could be covered and so little time to cover all the nooks and crannies. So, it is no surprise that some content must be excluded.

The ultimate goal of any news station is to provide high quality, informative content. A news station should deliver valid information in an engaging way.

This means allowing the majority of people to watch and understand several viewpoints on the action. This can be achieved if a few things are kept in mind.

Keep Content Exciting But informative

Captivating viewer attention can be done with the right tools by your side. Certain colors draw people in, the way the newscaster utilizes tone, body movement, and eye contact.

Treat the elections like a sport, who is going to win? We have all the updates for you in real-time. Stay tuned. Give viewers the information they need to make an informed decision, while keeping them on edge!

Know your audience

People do not like to be told that their views are wrong. We tend to gravitate towards people who share our beliefs, values, and morals.

In order to keep as many people in your audience viewing the news channel, focus on areas that will not create a sense of controversy for your general audience.

Just put the information out there- this is exciting, who knows how things will change afterwards, this is reality as it is, badda boom, badda bing!

Sympathize and Empathize with your Audience

People are more likely to stay and watch your content if they feel emotionally connected with you and what better way to do that than to show that you share their values.

Although this ties back into knowing your audience, there is a distinct difference between connecting with your viewers emotionally.

Connecting with your viewers emotionally ties more into presentation of information rather than the information itself.

Have your newscaster focus on widely accepted emotional themes about being one nation, this is the state of our country, and this is exciting stuff- no matter how it turns out.

Show your relevance

Let your viewers know that you have the latest news, think – “this just in!”

If they feel like they are being served properly, they will be more likely to stay and watch the rest of the news cast.

Words like “today”, “here today”, or “this afternoon” are great ways to ease in the fact that everything that they are hearing is recent.

People don’t want to watch yesterdays story, they want to be up to date right now here on your news channel.

Staying Tuned

Sometimes there are events that happen so recently and are so urgent that there is not enough time to gather all the minor details.

Forget about the minor details, what are the BIG facts?

Getting the information that has been gathered out to the people is what matters most. A newscaster can blanently admit look this is what happened, the minor details are leaking in- stay tuned!

By doing so, the viewer will become more interested, they will get excited with you while staying tuned and waiting to absorb the next part of the story out of the palm of your news station.

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