The Celebro Media Pre-Production Guide

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5 Tips Before You Hit the Big Screen

Whether you are filming a newscast, feature film, or 5-minute commercial preparation is key for production. We like to call this pre-production, the necessary stage before your film goes viral and hits the big screen.

A producer or filmmaker has a lot to discover, create and think about before calling out: “Action!”

So let’s dive into the five tips and tricks to consider before taking off to the studio and beginning.

1. Wrap-Up the Script

From start to finish is your script finalized?

Is every spoken word, direction, and action taken into account?

Write it all out! Come to an agreement with the cinematographer, director, and business department head. Is everyone happy?

If not- edit, tweak, delete.

Next, make sure all the aesthetics are a go. This means props, costumes, characters, the spelled out location of everyone throughout the video filming.

Make sure everyone who gets a copy can envision what is going to happen, and how it is going to look on the big screen.

Wrap it up, make it clear cut, and then crew it up.

2. Hire a Crew

Everyone you hire on your crew will bring value to your production.

Whether that value is good or bad is up to you! The key here is to do your research, gather together newscasters, camera and light persons with a good rep.

The best way to do this is to think ahead, round-up your crew as soon as possible, then let them know the date of action months ahead of time.

This way your crew will be ready to contribute great value when the lights and camera hit the video production studio!

3. Casting Calls

Put out a casting call, don’t just grab a pretty face last minute off the sidewalk of Washington D.C.

There are plenty of actors and actresses ready to hit the studio with the right energy, but acting is a difficult job that requires focus and the ability to adapt.

Casting calls will give you the right idea about whether a certain actor or actress is right for your particular production.

You should spot out what they have done in the past, and if they have a versatile portfolio that fits your needs.

4. Locations and Gear

Find the perfect location for your shoot and book it well in advance, you don’t want any disruptions especially if you are on a timeline.

Congregate all the gear that you need to produce your masterpiece- microphones, cameras, lighting.

Look for a TV broadcasting studio that provides you with all the equipment, and feel confident that everything is lining up.  

5. Budget

Put together a solid budget before you hit the big screen. What will the cost look like?

If you figure this out then steps 1-4 will be a breeze. Know your limits and pre-produce with ease.

The pre-production process is very important, you can worry less when you book a studio at Celebro Media.

All space, equipment, lighting, cameras, and scenery will be set up for the cast and crew that you put together- ready to make your dreams come true. Call us today!

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