Videos That Go Global: Addressing A Wide Audience

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Catering to the Biggest Audiences to Maximize Views

So you and your team are ready to go global, hit the world stage, and expand your horizons.

That’s great, but you probably have a lot of questions about how to address such a wide audience.

Obviously you are going to need some video content.

But how do you contribute to a global outreach?

What is the best method?

How do you make your content relevant for anyone who presses play around the world?

We are here to provide you with answers to these questions and more, so sit back grab a Coke-A-Cola, and as it trickles down your throat- think about how they did it.

Localization is Key

Imagine localization in big-broad terms. How do you market a product or service, to anyone, everyone?

Well think about the most basic comforts that ignite emotions in human beings despite culture.

If you have put some thought into that Coke-a-Cola at hand for example. You’ll remember people smiling, laughing, playing music, or dancing while drinking a Coke.

What kind of universal message can your company play out on video content without confusing someone who lives in Asia?

Smiles and laughs always work, what doesn’t work is sarcasm, or jokes that are relevant in one culture but not the other. So carefully think about the broader universal messages here.

A family gathering around the table for dinner, a child learning guitar, a baby being born, a grandmother playing with her grandson.

What connects humans at the most basic level- market that and your content will be localized to hit the global stage.

Hire Great Talent

The key to hiring great talent is to book way in advance, don’t try to save money here and short the faces that are about to represent your business on a global stage.

Put the right person in charge of casting calls and hire a team that will represent your message in the best way.

This means a reputable and experienced camera crew as well. Do your research, have they worked with the best of the best?

Hit the global stage with zest.

Double Check

Make sure a detailed plan of action is put into play, get organized and have a couple different professionals look over the script of your video before calling “ACTION!”

Do other people feel like you have cleared out all the nuances and idiosyncrasies that might make your message confusing to someone who lives in another country?

Make sure multiple parties agree that the message simple, playing out to the tune of the most basic of human emotions- stimulating the senses.


If you want your video to go viral, hire a professional translator that can transmit your message into various languages.

That way subtitles can pop-up and relate to a diverse audience no matter where they chose to dine.

Get Creative

Get excited and get creative! We all have the very basic human emotions within us that weigh upon the success of a localization campaign.

The types of things that make us laugh, cry, smile, jump for joy, shiver beneath our skin, and bask in excitement.

If you can hit your audience with this, then they will press play, and watch as the unique actresses and actors you picked come to life in their mind’s eye inspiring people across nations voice its echo alive.

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